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Hi, I'm Kristen.

A Los Angeles-based designer who is constantly engaged and driven by thrilling creative challenges, you will always find me stoked about an exciting project or two (sometimes three) that I have in the works.

Throughout my journey, I have delved into various design disciplines such as typography, branding, user experience, product design, pattern creation, and hand-crafting. I’ve found myself drawn to the innovative aspect of these diverse fields that lies in their shared essence of exploration, troubleshooting, and the art of connecting different elements, much like solving a puzzle. Approaching my work with meticulous craftsmanship, I place importance on the quality and intention that backs each of my design decisions and reflects my dedication to delivering memorable and seamless experiences for others.


Having received my Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA, I naturally found my way into the realm of graphic design during the process of earning a Designmatters Minor in Social Innovation, where I found fulfillment in expressing the messages of others through visually compelling means. What I enjoy as a designer is the transformative process of turning conceptual ideas into tangible reality, followed by the chance to witness the positive impact at the end of the journey.

I gather inspiration from the things I see and the places I go. I also have a soft spot for vintage aesthetics, my favorites being that of the 1940s and 1970s. Recreationally, I enjoy skateboarding, bicycling, learning new guitar riffs, gardening, interior decorating, restoring antiques, and taking care of my two cats and dogs. I like to spend my weekends participating as a vendor at local craft markets.


Let's Make
Things Happen 

Seeking a dedicated designer who is passionate about bringing visions to life? I'd love to connect and discuss how we can create something exceptional together.

p: 323-829-1412

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