This line of naturally energizing teas takes on a steam-punk style that is fun and engaging with a mix of classy and brilliant, showing you what you’ll get out of LUCID: a type of energy as concise as the logoform itself. Tea as a tried-and-tested source of steam makes LUCID a healthy, reliable alternative that doesn’t come with the crash and burn of today’s sugary energy drinks.

From the name to the illustrative details, the design for this series of bottled beverages draws inspiration from light, energy, and old-timey systems of electricity. Luscious colors with gold detailing make LUCID a stylish choice for the old souls of modern society.

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The names of the individual drinks were carefully chosen to reflect what kind of energy needs each different tea would fulfill. As a contrast to the sharper stylings of the LUCID logoform, the antiquated lettering for the names of the different drinks has twists and turns that bring a peculiar sort of liveliness to the design. 


& Distinguished

LUCID’s labels are embellished in illustrations inspired by the complex machinery that harkens back to industrial America with line qualities that add a taste of art deco. The engaging movement of the designs are intriguing and bound to take you on a visual journey across the label. While sustaining a consistent composition, the illustrative details make every drink distinguishable and exciting to try.