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Regenerative Collective

California native plants are the focus of the Regenerative Collective, a community of passionate volunteers who, through a decolonized approach to sustainability, want to make a positive impact on our people and planet. With acknowledgement for the indigenous people whose land we reside on, the Regenerative Collective aims to restore the habitats and cultures lost through colonization by promoting native plants with awareness of history, land, ceremony, and language, as well as the interconnectedness of these elements.

This brand identity system takes on a playful yet contemplative approach that centers illustrations in the form of California native plants. The stems are inspired by metro railway maps and aerial views of river networks. In the poster, they are made to connect with one another to create a whole system that is a habitat. The logomark consists of letters derived from the organic form of stylized leaves and integrated into a whole configuration.

new poster upload.jpg

The illustrative elements are translated throughout all sorts of collateral, such as what we see in this seed packaging system. Each type of seed has its own accompanying illustration with the plant name in hand-painted lettering. An enclosed folder that holds the seed envelope makes for easy no-spill storage and displays the care and maintenance information in a tangible, engaging way.

Plant Signage
& Merchandise

Opportunities for informing others about California native plants are crucial for organizations like the Regenerative Collective. These plant labels demonstrate how the visual identity can be applied toward educational signage. We can also see how the illustrative elements are used for some fun merchandise items like the t-shirt pictured below.

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