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Museum of Textile Arts

The Museum of Textile Arts is a fictitious museum with the purpose of emphasizing the significance of textiles to a diverse array of cultures both local and abroad. Holding a high regard for artisans, the museum looks into the stories that unfold with each textile and showcases how the influences of generation and proximity are manifested into the craft.

The brand’s image is sharp and sophisticated, yet worldly and eclectic. Echoing the hexagram we find repeated in certain styles of woven basketry, the logo is a 6-pointed star that consists of a series of diamond-shaped forms converging at the center. The logomark has a collection of ways it makes its elements known, whether as a fully-formed star or individual diamonds, utilized as frames, or bestowed with a solid color.


While the aesthetic of public events are more experimental, the sophisticated feel of the brand is still maintained. The polyganic qualities are an extension of the logomark and are recurrently used to frame images and blocks of colors, as pertinent to the advertised event.

new wall posters exhibit_01.png
new wall posters exhibit_03.png
new wall posters exhibit_02.png
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