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The KT Studio

The KT Studio represents my personal business that features a line of handcrafted gifts with original patterns digitally created by me. Initially a passion project, the endeavor started as a comprehensive fusion of my leftover project materials, unused designs, DIY know-how, and branding expertise. It ended up becoming a profound learning experience that presented a vivid depiction of how all the moving parts behind a business seamlessly operate as an integrated whole.

I now showcase my products through a versatile storefront that exists as a portable craft market set-up and an online e-commerce shop, where I distribute hand-made stationery, accessories, and holiday gifts that fellow creatives like myself are sure to appreciate. Thanks to the assortment of patterns I've held onto from my student days, I’ve been able to provide a variety of designs for shoppers who want something to match their style and add a little flair to everyday life.


Craft markets provided a platform for me to refine my problem-solving skills. In addition to streamlining my system to transport and set-up efficiently, I approached my vendor booth like a user experience design project, where I prioritized effective product showcasing and ensured every visitor enjoyed a seamless, memorable shopping experience. I sought out ways I could make improvements based on the observations I gathered from my own personal involvement.

This ethos of resourcefulness is also reflected in the signage and labels made from leftover paper. Anything I used to showcase my products were either handmade, items I already owned, or vintage pieces, adding a touch of charm and character to the display. 


The business emerged as an answer to my insatiable desire to problem-solve. What began as a decluttering ordeal led me to stumble upon a book of pattern designs from my art school days. I didn’t know what to do with it until it dawned upon me that combined with the leftover reams of paper I still had sitting unused, I could make all sorts of stationery. Moreover, I transformed the surplus fabric from my past student projects into various gifts and accessories..

IMG_3926 Large.jpeg

The brand identity embraces the concept of utilizing what is already at hand. I revived my design portfolio's previous logo and made slight modifications so that it may draw focus to the wide variety of vibrant patterns that adorn the products. The logo maintains relevance in this context in its embodiment of the creative process of merging diverse materials, patterns, and shapes connect to create the bigger picture.

The overall tone prioritizes simplicity and subtlety to provide a canvas for the expressive patterns and the creatives who desire products that align with their unique style. The brand's versatility accommodates a dynamic range of styles and product lines that continually shift, adjust, and discover their identity.

IMG_8006 Large.jpg

Personal business card, 2018.

From Pattern
To Product

It disconcerted me to have my pattern designs, from which I found great satisfaction in the outcome, destined to remain idle in digital storage. I ultimately wanted my ideas to be manifested as tangible creations, ideally something that others may also experience. Rather than passively waiting for royalties or relying solely on another company to produce my work, I took the initiative to create something on my own by transforming the patterns I designed as a student into crafted products that I can distribute.

Here are some of the handmade products that I grew out of my Retro Kitsch pattern collection.